An Italian Pizzeria In South Africa: Piza e Vino by Inhouse

Design studio Inhouse completed in 2016 Piza e Vino, an Italian pizzeria located in Pretoria, South Africa.

“Inhouse took inspiration for the project from a diversity of vintage influences, particularly old-school pizzerias. Nostalgia plays a role in the restaurant’s finishes, which are a blend of patterned and subway tiles, polished concrete flooring, light oak dining tables, light coloured marble counter tops, real leather upholstered booths, leather seating with brass buckles and strapping details, and reclaimed timber cladding. These all give the space an authentic atmosphere, while making the dining areas warm and inviting.
In addition to the sense of nostalgia, the concept of “handmade” was critical in the design scheme, with the intention of emphasising that Piza e Vino’s pizzas are created by hand by real people for real people. This concept is reinforced by the choice to place a completely open kitchen in the heart of the space.” – Inhouse

“A grand, custom-designed pizza oven is the focal point, here. The oven is large and hexagonal, tiled in geometrics, and quietly dominates any view of the restaurant. The oven is fronted by a pizza bar where diners can take in a “master class” of the chefs at work and children can create their own pizzas.
Just beyond the kitchen, a custom-built steel screen encompasses the central booth seating. This unique room divider is adorned with over 100 wooden rolling pins, paying tribute to the craft of hand rolled pizza dough, and once again, emphasising Piza e Vino’s artisanal offering…
The lighting further accentuates the handmade inspiration and authenticity of the space. Glass blown pendants with brass fittings and vintage wall sconces with amber tinted glass generate a welcoming, intimate atmosphere.
All in all, the finished look gives life to the new brand, successfully managing to create the sense of a traditional, rustic pizzeria in the heart of Pretoria.” – Inhouse

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