Inner-City Bungalow In Calgary by DOODL

The creatives at architecture and design studio DOODL completed in 2012 this bungalow-like residence. The contrast between the cool toned walls and the pop up colorful details make it a fresh and welcoming home. It’s located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

“This new residence was designed to fully embrace a new phase of life – the “Empty Nester” era. Every room was tailored to the specific needs of the homeowners and the changing dynamic of their gatherings, day-to-day activities, and personal wants and needs.” – DOODL

“The plan is divided into two main sections – the tall, open living spaces which engage the surrounding landscape through the use of expansive windows and tiered ceilings; and the quiet personal spaces, which have lower ceiling heights, rich materials and emphasized sound separation from the rest of the home.” – DOODL

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