ARK Residence by Drozdov & Partners

Ukraine-based architectural firm Drozdov & Partners designed ARK Residence, a contemporary house that was completed in 2015. It is located in Kharkov, Ukraine.

“The plot is located on a hill in the middle of the low-rise residential development, rural in its nature. From this place one can enjoy views of the city centre and of the church located in the neighbourhood. The difference in topography levels is 1 storey, which made it possible to organize the entrance and technical premises on the low point level, and all the main premises – one level higher, where the orchard is now situated.” – Drozdov & Partners

“One of the peculiarities of the house in the possibility of creating autonomous spaces for the younger members of the family, which could be integrated into the common space of the house at the same time. The structure of the main volume consists of 3 consecutive blocks and entrance gallery which unites them all. This layout helped to save the existing orchard and divided the environment in two zones: the orchard and the house.
The whole volume envisages various types of spaces within each block: closed terraces in the children’s block, semi-open terrace with the swimming pool, lounge zone and barbecue place in the common block, and a small semi-open terrace overlooking the pond in the block which houses parents’ bedrooms. On the very top of the house there is a small pavilion which functions as an observation point, a study, a guest room and a skylight. Lamel shutters regulate sun rays and sightlines.” – Drozdov & Partners

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