The Bed In This Apartment Can Be Hidden In The Livingroom: Igralnaya by Geometrium

Design studio Geometrium designed Igralnaya, a contemporary apartment making a full functioning living space out of 34 square-meters.

“The apartment with an area of 34 m2, was acquired customers for temporary residence. The owners will live in it during the repairs in the apartment, or to place their friends and relatives, sometimes flat to be used as a working space and rest.
The interior’s customers no doubt and understand that they need in choosing the style. When they approached us and show the interiors which they liked, 90% of these interiors were our projects. That was easily to understand what the customer needed. It was the scandinavian style with light-colored walls, natural materials in the decoration, elements of black and colored accents.” – Geometrium

“Designing a small area is not always easy and interesting. It was important to comfortably accommodate all the necessary functionality to 34 square meters, while retaining a sense of space and air, not cluttering apartment.
The objective was to remove this zone so that it was not in the same room with a kitchen while maintaining a sense of the whole space, we made light partition of wooden slats. It isolates the visual space, with natural light passes and is perceived easily, without narrowing the space.“ – Geometrium

“Customers have noted, during the survey, it is important to make the kitchen not only a place of reception and cooking, but also a relaxation area. That why, we have divided the functional kitchen where you can cook and a dining room with a sofa, where you can comfortably relax, watch TV or chat with friends.
We placed a folding round table in the dining area, to be able to get together with friends. We decided to use a large and low windowsill as additional space for rest and relaxation.” “ – Geometrium

“The living room is a place where the owners want to relax and chat with friends, watch a movie on the projector. It was necessary to place two beds: one double bed and a sofa bed, while maintaining a sense of spaciousness and empty is.
It was necessary to place a shower, sink, heated towel rail and shelves where you can store bathroom accessories. Also, while maintaining the visual space, that was the feeling of spaciousness. The tiles is used in finishing only in the shower, and the rest — painting walls waterproof paint. This technique we often use in your projects. It works well in small rooms, where the tile with four sides will be too narrow room.
We built a rack with built-in shelves, continuing a box with racks. We achieved this feeling empty. The shell is made of a slightly rough stone, which is located on the table in teak, the entire wall niches is made of mirrors , in which hanging sink, creating the effect of floating shell in the air, and when we enter the room, visually increases the bathroom.” – Geometrium

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